Make your Swag unique.


If you have installed the SOS v1.9.0.9 | ICE CREAM SWAG, you must also install the Re-Sensifier Theme (for a more Sense-like experience).

These are flashable .zip themes.
Ever get bored of seeing the same ol’ Swag on your EVO?

Well now you can change the color of many theme aspects with a simple flashable .zip. Features a themed: flip clock, dock, overscroll glow, lock bar, and wallpaper. This theme also features the new Dual Remap Dock (more can be found on that here).

If you only want bits and pieces, check the sections below. Be sure to grab a matching HTC IME MOD keyboard!

WARNING: These themes require Swagged Out Stock Swag = ON v1. or higher to run smoothly.

NOTE: To enable the wallpaper: Hit MENU > Wallpaper > HTC wallpapers > and take your pick, there is one for each colored theme, with and without Swag!

“Stock” | Blue | Dark Blue | Green
Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | Yellow

Mirrors (Mediafire)
“Stock” | Blue | Dark Blue | Green
Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | Yellow

Screenshots for every theme after the break. If you are using the SOS App, click “See original story” to access the download links and screenshots.

Installation instructions can be found here, under How to flash a .zip (ROMs, themes, etc.).



Dark Blue







All mods were created or packaged by Team Swag. If you would like to use/modify our work, shoot us an email or hit up the XDA thread.
tommytomatoe | 00mcd00 | ldc2335 | gruesomewolf | HTC | Sprint | SOS Users
A big thanks also goes out to Team Swag member, torzak, for updating these themes for ICE CREAM SWAG.

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